How to grow your business using Google Ads

Google ads is a network of over 2 million websites with a reach of over 90% of the consumers. With 74.17 billion hits, Google was the most visited website of 2020. With 80% of all companies focusing on Google Ads for PPC, Why should you miss out on such a huge opportunity?

In this article we cover:

  • What is Google Ads?
  • Why should you use Google Ads?
  • How to get started?
  • Helpful tips for better returns.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a pay per click advertising platform by the leading search engine Google. It is a very effective way to drive good quality traffic to your business through search engine results. While running campaigns on Google Ads, marketers have to pay on a CPM or clicks per 1000 impressions basis. According to research by 99Firms, a paid ad at the top of the first page of Google has a CTR of 7.11%.

Why should you use Google Ads?

Being such a widely used search engine platform, Google Ads is a must-use platform for marketers around the world. Aside from the evident advantages, the main reasons for using Google Ads are:

  • Reach – Google is the largest search engine and  the world’s most popular search network. Net Markets reported that Google dominates the search engine market with over 72% of users worldwide. With that, Google Ads gives marketers the best platform to meet customers where they are. Thus, it provides a massive reach and a high return on every marketing dollar.
  • Assists your goals – Google Ads is not just a PPC ad platform, It is much more than that. It offers a number of different ad goals, types of campaigns, display options, text and link options in order to maximize the returns.

How to get started?

Now that you know what Google Ads is and how beneficial it can be to your business, it is important to get cracking on it. Here are the steps to create your Google Ads account:

Step 1: Sign Up

To create your Google Ads account, visit the Google Ads platform and sign up using your email address and company website.

Step 2: Fill in the details

Complete the registration and set up your account. 

Step 3: Click on “+ New Campaign”

Click on the New Campaign icon and get started. Select the type of ad that you want to run and start filling out the options as they come. 

Helpful tips for better returns

After creating a few campaigns, you’ll get a hang of the whole platform and how to run campaigns through Google Ads. Nonetheless after much experience, here are a few tips and tricks that I have to offer:

  • Avoid broad keywords – The competition for broad keywords is very high and thus the ads won’t yield good returns or quality leads. Therefore as a rule of thumb, always go for more niche and specific keywords.
  • Work on improving your QS – QS, or quality score, is a tool you can use to understand how Google ranks your ad. The higher your rank, the better your placements. If your quality score is low, you’ll have fewer eyeballs on your ad and in turn fewer chances to convert.
  • Always use a landing page – Do not simply link the CTAs to your website or products. Instead, always always always make specific landing pages and link out your CTAs to them.

Use these tips and create Google Ads like a pro. For more, watch the full mini-class “How to grow your business using Google Ads” by Navya Kizhakkayil – Digital Media Manager at Cookie Jar Interactive.

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