How to use Clubhouse and TikTok for your business

TikTok being popular amongst younger audiences and Clubhouse being favoured by the opinionated, these two platforms are very different, however, they can both be successfully incorporated into any brand’s social media strategy. 

Introduction to Clubhouse 

Clubhouse was launched exclusively, giving its audience a sense of importance and authority. The audio-based platform allows people to engage in topics of their liking and more importantly, connect with like-minded individuals. It is currently only available for iOS users; It at present has 10 million active users, weekly. 

During a recent Clubhouse town-hall meeting, CEO Paul Davison announced the platform’s new Clubhouse Creator First, which will help aspiring hosts and creators on the platform build their audiences, connect with brands, and most importantly, monetize their shows. 

Clubhouse started very simple. A platform where you create a profile and add friends. Now, it has evolved with new features such as link sharing, topic selection, language filtering, and phone number invites. Yet, Clubhouse is still a work in progress as it is still in the early stages. 

All social media platforms usually copy each other. They follow the features that make the most buzz or go viral. When Snapchat began using filters, Instagram copied it, followed by TikTok and so on. 

As Clubhouse is going viral, Twitter and Facebook are trialling similar features. Twitter has launched Spaces, where a Host can accommodate up to 11 speakers. Spaces are public, so anyone can join and listen. Facebook is expanding its “Rooms” feature which originally allowed users to create private video chats that others can join. Now, these include Live Audio which broadcasts an audio-only room to listeners and Audio, which starts a private audio room with friends. These are both still in the testing phase for iOS users. 

Clubhouse is expected to be released on Android by the end of 2021. 

Most Clubhouse users started in Germany, then were followed by Japan, the UK, Turkey, Canada, Italy, Austria and so on. In less than a year Clubhouse accumulated over 10 million users. 30% of all Clubhouse downloads happened after January 28, 2021. 

Introduction to TikTok

TikTok has 689 million monthly active users worldwide. The platform is used to make a variety of short-form videos, from genres like dance, comedy, and education, that have a duration of fifteen seconds to one minute. TikTok continued to rise with more interactive videos and advanced technologies. 

TikTok’s algorithm is still user friendly allowing everyone a shot at going viral. It updated various features aimed at protecting its users, such as strengthening privacy settings for users between the ages of 13 and 17, and combating “fake news” through pop up caution prompts that highlight a flagged video. 

In November 2020, Ratatouille the Musical, an internet meme and crowdsourced musical based on the 2007 Disney/Pixar film Ratatouille exploded across the platform, which led to a charity benefit concert presentation featuring a mix of TikTok users, Hollywood, and Broadway stars. This raised over $1.9 million for The Actors Fund in the US. 

Most brands, such as the Washington Post, began recognizing the importance of TikTok, and they joined the platform. They now have 898.2K followers and they cover topics such as News, “Quarantine Diaries”, Funny Sketches and Interviews. 

How to Integrate Clubhouse and TikTok

Clubhouse can be used to promote brands and increase awareness. For example, a brand that encourages the “Adopt don’t Shop” movement for pets can host webinars or “rooms” with social activists and pet shelters to discuss the latest topics of their field. 

Commercial brands can host a two-way conversation for brands CSR activities. This positions the brand as one that is involved with its community and allows its audience to engage with it to get first-hand insights on what their brand is missing. 

Another interactive feature that aims to increase engagement and visibility is Clubhouse’s notification elements, which notifies users when their friends or other users enter their room. This is a great way to measure user or topic popularity. 

Every company should have its own social media strategy where time is invested to target different content for each social media platform. Even competitions should be catered to the platform used. 

The trend is moving towards less visual, one way of communication to two/more ways of communication. This is where TikTok shines because you can use UGCs and people will gladly do the dance/recipe/lipsync and more without you asking them.

For Clubhouse, if you are a fun brand, people want to hear a fun topic wrapped around your brand. They want to chuckle, laugh, and have an easy-going chat. 

If we have a bank, or a more serious brand, the Clubhouse sessions can be more about tips and facts. These entities can host entrepreneurs or investors to discuss topics around the brand. 

TikTok was thought to be just for the “younger” generation, however, many adults are a part of it as well, creating more opportunity for brands to expand their reach effectively. 

With Clubhouse, you start by getting an invitation and once you join you can begin creating your own room and inviting people to join your talk. You can invite anyone to your room and keep it public or switch to private. People can also request to join the conversation and speak in your room. 

When you have a podcast and you want to share it with people that aren’t in your field, you have to start in an organic way on Clubhouse. You should have your friends, peers, colleagues, family and more spread the word and share the links to this room/talk. 

How does Clubhouse compare to Reddit?

The functionality is the same, however, when it comes to the type of content, Clubhouse seems to have more sophisticated topics. Clubhouse has a lot of meaningful sessions and expertise. Reddit has the same but there is no control over the quality. 

Using Clubhouse effectively to drive brand awareness and growth

Tactics you can explore to build your Clubhouse presence:

  • Drive awareness through hosting Clubhouse-only discussions and forums
  • Introduce your company’s news on Clubhouse firstly before sharing it on other platforms
  • Bring in senior and keynote speakers from your organization as well as thorough leaders to special Clubhouse discussions
  • Enhance your organization’s brand appeal as an industry leader
  • Conduct private launches
  • Utilise it for focus group research and market observations/analysis (dipstick)
  • Host CSR discussions and forums with NGOs and leading community and charitable organisations
  • Take advantage of ClubMarket, which allows brands and creators to enter paid partnerships for promotions, once it is fully rolled out. It is currently accepting applications for its first batch of users, which will be announced soon. 

Using TikTok effectively to drive brand awareness and growth 

Tactics you can explore to build your TikTok presence:

  • Create a branded channel
  • Paid collaborations with relevant TikTok influencers to drive awareness to your brand
  • “Humanizing” content: this can range from short video tutorials to fun employee content (Washington Posts TikTok Account) to highly creative, targeted content (Gucci TikTok account)
  • Participate in – or create your own – hashtag challenge
  • Integrate User Generated Content if/whenever possible
  • Do competitions or giveaways
  • Use testimonials

With all the fun and funny content on TikTok, all brands should keep in mind that people are hard and harsh on the platform and they should proceed with caution. 

In the end, TikTok and Clubhouse may not be amongst the conventional platforms for social media marketing and expanding a brands digital presence, however like all tools if wielded effectively, they can prove to be a great opportunity for expansion.

For more information, watch the full video of the MiniClass by Sally Obeid below.

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