Dubai Coding Bootcamp Diaries: Weeks 1 & 2

This is a program that has been in the making for a while.

I remember it was Fall 2014. I got a message from Louis Lebbos (my manager while we were both working at, where we had since went our separate ways) about catching up to discuss a new project he had started: AstroLabs. I was super excited, especially when he showed me the plans for the Dubai coworking space and the ideas for the Academy. One of the ideas he mentioned was to build out a coding bootcamp tailored to the region.

After joining AstroLabs we thought about this for a while, and through the various training programs we ran over the years we kept thinking in the back of our minds “Would people in the region be interested in a full fledged coding bootcamp?”

Fast forward almost 4 years later, and after having run dozens of workshops and hundreds of meetups, we announced our first summer coding bootcamp!

We finally found a formula that we felt resonated with the region and provided real world practical value.

What makes this program unique is:

  1. It’s affordable (with student pricing available)
  2. It’s part time (works around your schedule, nights and weekends)
  3. It’s relevant (focuses on Full stack JavaScript, the MERN Stack- MongoDB, Express, React and Node JS)
  4. Taught by practitioners (instructors are all working in the field and have built production applications)
  5. It’s project based (attendees are split into teams and build real world apps!)

We’re planning to run the next cohort at the end of the year (2018), so stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can follow along with our Dubai Coding Bootcamp Diaries to get a sense of what we’ll be covering. In this post, we’ll be going over the first 2 weeks.

AstroLabs Dubai Coding Bootcamp

Week 1

In the first week we split attendees into teams, and they started working on their project ideas. Each of the 15 teams chose a project idea to work on to build their final full stack application. The project ideas have to be something that they can realistically build in 2 months, however we emphasized the importance of choosing something that you want to see in this world (and not just another Todo app).

We’ve gotten a number of amazing projects being built, including ideas around early stage investing, personal finance management, educational service providers, product matching and more. We’re excited to see these ideas come to life!

Week 2

In the second week for our Dubai coding bootcamp, we went over the basics of the coding landscape (this mind map gives a good overview of it), the components in the web development stack we’ll be covering (in the MERN stack), and as a first step into building on the web, attendees built their own WordPress eCommerce store and their own static HTML and CSS sites.

Excited to get started next week (Week 3) with more advanced CSS (Bootstrap and CSS grid), and deploying our sites using Git pages!

Want to see what happens next? Click here for part 2


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