AstroLabs Member: Jex Digital

Founders: Lex Haffner & Jordan Finnegan

Year it was founded: 2019

Headquarters: AstroLabs Dubai

Problem it solves: Connecting Data experts across the globe.


Innovations in AI, digitization, analytics and automation are reshaping employment and the future of work. AstroLabs Dubai new member Jex Digital connects the world’s leading Data Science, AI and Analytics professionals with businesses across the globe. Here’s a quick Q&A with Jex Digital founders, Lex and Jordan.

Tell us about you

We are a privately, self-funded company, and our main focus is the UAE, New York and Singapore. Our main goal is to connect the highest level of Data professionals with organisations from some of the world’s leading technology hubs.

So, what do you exactly do?

The best talent for niche areas like AI and Machine Learning are still hard to hire. Companies do not have adequate talent pipelines or strategies to fulfill their talent need in these areas. At Jex Digital, we help companies build hiring strategies for niche, hard to find talent with a strong focus on AI.

And why the UAE?

Jex Digital is the first Data/AI focused agency to come to the Middle East. As the UAE are investing heavily into AI, we thought that it was a great time to get involved!

What differentiates you from the competition?

In this talent-constrained environment and from our extensive network we’ve built over the last 5 years we’re able to deliver on the hardest of searches within Data/AI at speed.

How does the future look to you?

We’re looking at getting our first hire in February or March but as we’re self-funded, it all depends on how we start the new year off!




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