May 2020 Newsletter

Upskilling the Region…Remotely

Abu Dhabi’s ‘Stay Curious’ Campaign Boosted By Our Online LIVE Digital Marketing Program

AstroLabs has successfully completed its second round of custom Online LIVE Digital Marketing sessions with the Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi. The 2-week programs were conducted 100% online LIVE with a practical, hands-on approach and were designed specifically for the DCT’s needs, utilizing relevant local examples and case studies. The program came at a pivotal time for the DCT as they were able to use some of the key knowledge they gained from the program to implement directly into the recent launch of their Global Stay Curious Campaign.

Learn More about our Online LIVE Digital Marketing Courses

AstroLabs Launches Fully Remote Incubator with 18 Early Stage Kuwaiti Entrepreneurs

In partnership with Erada, Zain Telco and the Ministry of Youth Affairs (MOYA) – AstroLabs is proud to be in the midst of delivering a remote 8-week incubator program to 18 Early Stage Kuwaiti entrepreneurs. The grant-based initiative, launched by MOYA, supports Kuwaiti entrepreneurs with exceptional ideas and aligns with the New Kuwait 2035 Vision, supporting digital transformation. The collaborative approach of this 100% online LIVE program leverages AstroLabs’ global and regional perspective, knowledge and mentorship while our local partners, drive the last mile by adding the final level of local relevance on the ground. Learn more about our virtual Incubator and Accelerator Programs.

“As a renowned regional capacity builder, AstroLabs continues to push new boundaries of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Erada, Zain, the Ministry, my team and I, are extremely proud of the knowledge transfer being delivered. The entrepreneurs’ learning curve has been steep and is evident!”

Talal M. Al-Ajeel,
Managing Partner, Erada

Online Digital Capability Building Workshops for Women of the UAE 

AstroLabs, in partnership with the Sharjah Business Women Council, is working to develop the entrepreneurial and business management talents of the female-led and owned businesses of Sharjah and beyond. The short-form, remote workshops are focused on the fundamentals of eCommerce and Digital Marketing and have been custom designed to be delivered remotely by our expert practitioner instructors, adding maximum value in a condensed time frame. Learn more about our Custom eCommerce Programs and Digital Marketing Online LIVE Courses.

To enable our members to respond rapidly to changing market needs, agile skills development training is vital. We have, therefore, partnered with AstroLabs, a capability building company, to provide quality training aimed at developing future skills and an innovation-friendly and dynamic mindset.”

Mariam Bin Al Shaikh,
Membership Manager, SBWC






Upcoming Open Enrollment Online LIVE Courses

Reserve your space at our upcoming Digital Marketing Online LIVE course, starting on Sunday 3rd May. Our flagship course is now being delivered in Arabic too, with our next class starting Sunday 14th June. 

Join our next eCommerce Launcher Course starting on Sunday 3rd May. This interactive online LIVE course will teach you all you need to know about how to build your own eCommerce business!

Upcoming AstroLabs Online LIVE Events

This month we are continuing to host regular online webinars and events with some of our existing AstroLabs community members as well as experts from our wider network. We’re working hard to stay connected and to bring you useful tools and insights to help you thrive in this time and prepare for life post-COVID. Check out our upcoming events here.






How One Founder Leveraged the AstroLabs Community for USD 2.5mn Success!

CEO of Xergy and AstroLabs Member, Colin Manson, is a perfect example of the valuable impact the AstroLabs community has to offer when you immerse yourself in our extensive network of entrepreneurs, established businesses and expert mentors. Xergy’s is an inspiring 360 degree digital journey with AstroLabs. Since being introduced organically to one of our members a year ago, they have built their product, Proteus, from the ground up, all with the help of multiple AstroLabs member companies, resulting in the business raising over USD 2.5mn in funding! 

“We had big plans for Xergy and there were a lot of skills we needed; UX/UI, web design, web development, SEO, social media marketing, all of which were readily available at AstroLabs. We continue to grow the business and in theory we should be looking at getting our own office, however I love the AstroLabs environment! Friendly team, great location, scalable, parking, great meeting space, a good social scene. We won’t be going anywhere soon!”

Colin Manson,
CEO, Xergy

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