August Newsletter 2020

Top 5 Insights from the Startups of Our Online
Incubator Program with Ma’an

We recently completed our first fully remote incubator program, in partnership with Ma’an, the Authority of Social Contribution in Abu Dhabi. We worked closely with a group of 10 startups that were in ideation or early revenue stages and focused specifically on mental health and wellness, topics more relevant than ever in these times. Due to the global pandemic, we designed the program to be a highly interactive 100% online experience. 77% of participants said they preferred the online experience over a face-to-face experience. Here we are extremely proud to share some of their insights and successes after completing the cohort.

1. Pivot your Business Based on Real-World Data

Some startups pivoted completely from their original business idea, based on the results of validation experiments they conducted with their target customers, using frameworks from the program.

2. Nothing Compares to Industry Knowledge, Delivered by Expert Practitioners

Other startups changed their business model entirely after learning how social impact companies from other regions, and around the world, are running financially sustainable businesses that do not compromise their ethics.

Watch some of the highlights from the Q&A session with Neville Crawley, CEO of Kiva, one of Silicon Valley’s most impactful social enterprise startups.



3. You Don’t Need to be a Developer to Build an App

Two startups progressed building their MVPs using the no-code tools they learned during the program, proving that technical ability is no obstacle to building and launching your business.

4. Interactive Sessions and Dedicated Support Result in Milestones

One startup went from an idea to 80% completion of their MVP during the program, using practical techniques learned during the program to make data-driven decisions and receiving coaching from our team to achieve tangible milestones.

5. You Can Launch Your Business In 3 Months

One startup went from ideation stage to launch during the program, after understanding what to focus on and prioritize, to get up and running in the leanest way possible. This included focused financial planning and practical no-code app development insights, supported by regular coaching from industry experts.

100% of Startups stated they had a stronger business coming out of the program!

Interested to learn more on how AstroLabs’ practical, no-fluff incubator can help you launch and grow your startup?

We have had our heads down all summer turning our proven incubator programs, that have helped entrepreneurs launch and scale since 2013, into the region’s first self-paced, online incubator for all entrepreneurs.

You will learn the building blocks of how to go about launching and scaling a company, from entrepreneurs and industry experts, who have all walked in the same startup shoes as you. As well as knowledge based on real world, locally relevant examples; you will get practical tools, guides and templates you can use the next day to help you launch, pivot and scale your business. While other incubators are only open to a select few companies, that are chosen a couple of times a year, ours is open to all.

And the best part? It’s all done on your own time, through our online learning management system, so you can fit it around your work, your kids, your life.

Click here if you’d like some more information on how the incubator can help you rocket your startup to the next level.

Interested in Expanding Your Business into Saudi Arabia?

We’re proud to announce the launch of the most comprehensive centralized online resource on how to expand your business into Saudi Arabia. Learn about the 16 step setup and licensing process and connect with our team on the ground in Riyadh to make it happen. We’ve already helped over 60 companies successfully expand into Saudi!

Our Flagship In-Person Digital Marketing Course is Back! Join Now!

Starting, Saturday 22nd August, we will be hosting our first in-person Digital Marketing Course since March. We have refined our course to bring you richer, more relevant content and we can’t wait to share it with you, in person, at our Courtyard Campus in Dubai!


Join our upcoming Online LIVE courses happening in August!

eCommerce Launcher, starts Sunday 23rd August – Learn how to build an Online Business from scratch and start generating revenue!

Digital Marketing Online LIVE Course in Arabic, starts Monday 10th August – Build a complete strategy in one week and learn about best practices for the region.

Coding Bootcamp, starts Wednesday 26th August – Learn to code your own full stack application at the region’s largest Coding Bootcamp!

Upcoming AstroLabs Online Events

Our Meetup group of over 17,500 members, hosts free weekly online events, all centred around knowledge sharing in the digital and tech space. Our network of expert speakers come with a wealth of knowledge from varied industries. Check out our upcoming Meetup events here and join!

AstroLabs Recommends

This month the AstroLabs team has curated a selection of varied content that we have found particularly  insightful. Enjoy!

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Using Instagram for Business Growth by Maha Ahmad. Find out how to brand your Instagram account, why branding matters, the USP’s that count and how to make them relevant to your audience.

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