Learning To Code in Dubai – Is It Worth It?

I’m a strong believer that investing effort (time + deliberate practice) into learning something must only be done if that something either makes you giddy inside (passion/interest) or pushes you to a new frontier either cognitively or physically (learning and growth).

There’s one more thing needed to get a return from the effort you’ve put in to learn something. A deep sense of motivation or in other words, a sense of purpose. To give something purpose is in my opinion the ultimate green pill to learning something and getting good at it. Purpose is essential, but how do you give learning something you may not care much about purpose? One very cool and common way is through something we already may be doing.

I love learning new things, it gets me excited. This makes it easy for me to want to learn and do things. Some may not share this enthusiasm like I do or have other motives to learning. A new and growing area of research in learning is something called Future Time Perspective and it’s relation to why and what we learn. Future Time Perspective is the simple act of visualising future you. That could be you in 10 years being badass and joining the Forbes 100 list or you in 2 weeks winning that pitch meeting you’ve been killing yourself on. It’s a very common and a deeply motivating factor that contributes to how we make decisions and what skills we seek to acquire. I would even argue that many of us (me included) make more decisions in life based on who we want to be rather than who are now, but that’s a whole other article by itself.

When looking to invest significant time in learning something, you’d want it to be relevant for future you. If in the proverbial future you would like to be able to change careers, a skill that allows you to do that would also be pretty cool! How about the ability to have creative ideas and being able to build them out? My kind of skill set. How about a skill that’s guaranteed to keep you employed (and more) for years to come? Whatever that is sounds like something I should figure out.

What I’m getting at is coding. The skill of programming is is still one of the most underrated creative and cognitive skills to learn. The programming world is one that has more opportunities than most other areas of learning while also giving you a cognitive leap frog over others in problem solving.

Why think about Coding?

  • Its where the market is going (future proofing)
  • Not industry specific
  • Building is better than imagining!

There’s much more to understanding the world of programming and yes it can get frustratingly complex. So we decided to live stream a short video on that complex world, it’s variety of areas, how you can starting learning in Dubai or elsewhere and what you should consider before making the jump!

Learning How To Code – Dubai Edition

Check out our learning how to code video with @Ahmad Abugosh. You can view the slides from today here: https://astrolabs.com/coding-presentation and check out our summer coding bootcamp here: https://astrolabs.com/coding-bootcamp

Posted by AstroLabs on Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Full disclosure: AstroLabs has a coding bootcamp for absolute beginners in Dubai, this might make me a bit biased. I am also currently learning coding and can be considered an absolute beginner, so my take on this is purely opinion based.

If you find this interesting, you can find more details about our upcoming Coding Bootcamp below!


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