Sales: It’s Easy as A-B-C

Alec Baldwin has been headlining “Saturday Night Live” with a spot-on parody of US President Donald Trump. Another one of his memorable characters was in the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross” as a sales consultant with an alpha personality — and a foul mouth. Business enthusiasts have a soft spot for the movie, as it features a selling mantra made popular by an acronym using the first three letters of the alphabet:


Ever since that iconic Hollywood moment, “Always Be Closing” has become the battle cry of many sales representatives when talking about leads i.e. potential clients who have a need for your product or service. The same holds true in the digital sphere, with freelancers and entrepreneurs struggling to convert clicks into cash.

What can be done in the tech space to successfully – and repeatedly – close sales?

Whether you are an established business or an up-and-coming solopreneur, here’s the deal: if you want increased lead generation to become an integral part of your business processes — consider the below spin on the famous A-B-C acronym, tailored to the ever-changing digital media landscape:

1. Adopt Basic Tactics
There are tested and proven tactics that can help in boosting sales. Foundation principles to adopt as part of your offering promotion include urgency or scarcity; providing social proof, so that people feel part of a common tribe when wanting to become your clients, is another sure-fire way to maximize the chances of deals eventually getting closed.

In the online realm, no business can survive today without seriously considering deploying Search Engine Optimization during website development; split-testing for email marketing; and social media marketing that is backed up by metrics.It’s no longer about posting a nice picture and hoping for the best — speaking of which…

2. Build High-Value Content
Nobody likes being at the receiving end of a sales pitch. Add to that a “guilty-until-proven-innocent” mentality in some cultures, where a constant fear of getting ripped off reigns, and you end up having a hard time making ends meet.

As businesses compete for the digital spotlight, quality content remains crucially important to maintain high engagement with prospective customers. This entails not forcing communication messages onto your audiences, and diversifying the adopted media touchpoints mix. We’re talking blogs; email newsletters; videos; podcasts; competition giveaways; testimonials; affiliate programs; free e-books… the possibilities are endless.

Just strive to have meaningful, relevant conversations that inform and benefit your target prospects. Get into a streak of giving, giving, then giving some more — before going for an ask. This will help increase traffic to your website and improve its conversion rate.

3. Cherish Lasting Relationships
Now mind you: nothing replaces a genuine handshake after an interesting conversation with a new acquaintance. So when it comes to increasing leads, networking at industry-related conferences and events are definitely there to stay.

Yet nurturing leads takes time — and with customers overwhelmingly making their purchasing decisions online, it becomes essential to equip your business with a robust digital presence, that complements effective offline business systems.

Here lies the importance of having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that can automate your marketing and sales; provide you with reliable data; enhance the customer experience of your clients; and ultimately grow your business. Invest in a solution that works for you and watch your network grow.

Closing leads remains a pivotal challenge for any business. Follow the revamped A-B-C formula (more on it during the AstroLabs two-day Soft Skills & Sales Bootcamp*) so that your sales, content generation, and relationship-building efforts lead to business success.

And “believe me”… “This is going to be terrific”

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